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Prof Anupama Sharma

Manifesting your desires is very simple and it is necessary to understand how to manifest your desires. Mostly people find it difficult to believe that they can manifest what they want. This is the main reason that blocks so many people from receiving their wishes, such opinion only exists because of the deeply-rooted limited beliefs that people have.

Many think that you have to work hard to survive in this world and that hard work always pays off. But this is a false belief that hinders a lot of people. Beliefs like this one make people disbelieve about the ease of manifestation.

To start this process, you should think of something that you would like to have. You should start from small things first, because this will give you more faith. When you manifest small things, you will be able to gradually progress to bigger and bigger areas. Some fail to manifest because they want to get large amounts of money, houses or cars with their first intention. But that does not work this way because you cannot possibly completely believe that such big things will manifest when you are just a beginner.

When you think of what you want to have, you should start visualizing it to get into the proper vibration to attract it. This way you will point out to the universe what you want specifically. Now to get into the vibration of attracting this much money, you should start visualizing about what you are going to do with such money and how you feel having that much money.

Just imagine having additional amount in your pocket. Visualize it. See it so clearly that you almost feel that the money is really in your pocket. How does it make you feel? Free? Happy? Willing to spend it? Thinking about buying something in particular? Such and similar thoughts will lead you to the feeling of really having this money and this way you will become a vibrational match to this amount of money.

Once the visualizing part is done, you should remain very positive for as long as you can. To remain positive for at least two hours is vitally important because this kind of money can come to you after hours of visualization rather than days.

Never ever think about how the money is going to reach you, let the universe do what it does best – deliver to you everything you want to have. If you start wondering how the universe is going to deliver your wish, you will slow down the manifestation or block it from coming.

When you feel positive, you allow the universe to deliver your desire. When you feel doubtful, anxious, and impatient or have any other negative emotion you block yourself from receiving the manifestation.

If you do not introduce any negative emotions or thoughts at least for a couple of hours, you must start seeing the signs that the manifestation is about to take place. It is the law. Once that happens, the manifestation will reach you very soon.

The main reasons why people cannot manifest their desires

The first reason that people fail to learn how to manifest their wishes is the one I mentioned in the beginning – lack of faith. It is impossible for the manifestation to take place if you do not believe that it will. You are simply blocking it.

If you really want to believe but still feel some doubtfulness about this whole process, you may find it helpful to see this process as a game. Just test the manifestation in a form of a play rather than a serious process. This will help you relax and ease up on yourself and you will allow the universe to deliver your manifestation.

Another reason why people fail to learn how to manifest is because they visualise properly, but instead of them feeling that they already have what they want, they feel lack of it. Because of that they get into the vibration of lack and they attract lack.

When you visualise, try to pay attention to how you feel. If you want to manifest $100, but all you feel is that this money is not in your pocket, you are in the vibration of a lack.

You should visualise and believe so intensely that you convince yourself that you really have that much money and you are genuinely happy about it. This is the vibration you should be seeking for.

Also people do not manifest things because they just cannot focus on one thing for long enough. It is important to focus at least for two minutes on the thing you want to have in your experience, this is the main part of manifestation. Without it manifestation hardly ever takes place, unless you visualised something many times for short periods of times.

In general, negative thinking, limited beliefs, doubts and visualising from the state of lack are the main causes of people being unable to learn how to manifest their desires.

When you really think about manifestation, you understand that you constantly manifest everything into your reality. When you want to eat, for example, you think of a food you will buy or prepare, you see in your mind how it will look without any difficulty. Yet it takes time to visualise something new to you, but it is possible because you practice visualisation every single day.

So when you visualise the food you are going to eat, you go and buy the food, prepare some dish and eat it. This is your manifestation but it is so usual that you do not realise what power you have. You use it by default, but it would be so much more interesting and beneficial to use this power intentionally and selectively.

Most people create everything in their lives by default. When they are going into some meeting, and they know that the people they will meet there are quite negative, they would see in their minds what disaster the meeting will turn out to be rather than intentionally seeing the meeting as the best one they have every attended.

This power is so widely misused, sometimes it is even hard to believe that. People are all powerful, they are all divine, yet some of them are so unaware of the capabilities they have. They live their lives becoming just a small detail of who they really are.

You should easily understand how to manifest your desires. This is not the hard part. Just focus on one subject in your mind for a couple of minutes.

After the visualisation you should find ways to keep yourself uplifted for at least couple of hours, and this part is very hard for many people.

If you remain positive for some time the universe will start sending you signs that the manifestation is about to come, or you may become inspired to take some action which will lead you to the manifestation.

Also you should not visualise from the state of lack because you will attract only lack. You should see in your mind your desire and feel how it would be like to have it. This way you will get into the vibration that will attract all that you desire.

The author is Associate Professor RBS, New Delhi